Mike Stone Associates, Inc. (MSAi) is a full-service management consulting and planning firm focusing on services to government and not-for-profit agencies. MSAi was established in 2001 by Mr. Michael E. Stone and currently offices in Sugar Land, Texas. MSAi has five (5) full-time and three (3) part-time staff memebers with extensive and varied experience in the provision of managment and planning services throughout Fort Bend County, nationally and internationally.


To proactively assist agencies with sound, sustainable fiscal management practices for their assets and resources.

MSAi provides asset management services including oversight of capital projects to a variety of public entities around the Greater Houston area. MSAi assist clients not only with the construction of major facilities but also with the ongoing operations and maintenance of those assets. With experience across a variety of industries, MSAi staff has helped construct, manage and operate toll roads and toll systems, levee systems including storm water pump stations and drainage channels, lakes and detentions ponds, park systems including community buildings, pools, and community associations. In addition, MSAi performs asset and pavement reserve studies.